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All About It

What Is This All About?

Rhea Lana's, Inc. is an upscale childrens consignment event business. We have been in business in the state of Arkansas since 1997 and have now expanded into 22 states across the nation.

Our most popular brands include Ralph Lauren, Gymboree, Gap, Baby Lulu, and more! Our most popular toys are Little Tykes, play kitchens, doll houses, train sets, and riding toys. We also carry strollers, car seats, high chairs, exersaucers, jumperoos, nursery furniture and more! Over 95% of toys, baby gear! and furniture sells at each event.

Tell me again, how does this work?

We receive high quality childrens clothing on consignment and sell them at our week-long event. Consignors earn 65% of the sale price (which they select). We GUARANTEE all lost items that are labeled in the store. Consignor's checks and reports are available on Pick up Day directly after the sale or can be mailed directly of you.

Do you carry only childrens clothing?

No. At our events we carry childrens furniture, nursery bedding, maternity clothing, nursing accessories and infant equipment (such as strollers, high chairs, car seats and portable cribs). We also carry indoor & outdoor toys, children's books and DVDs, video games and sports accessories.

Most consignment stores give 40-50%. Why do you give 65%?

Our consignors are very special to us! We believe our consignors deserve a fair price for their items and we want each consignor to make the most money possible to benefit their family.

Why do you guarantee each item?

We value our consignors, so we track each item with our unique computerized barcoding system and database. We seek to treat our customers and consignors as we would want to be treated.

We think more items will be available to moms on a budget if we are careful with the items. Plus, some moms are not willing to risk losing items. This way they know they will not suffer a loss. Consignors know that they can trust us with their high quality items!

Why is your event better than having my own garage sale?

We do most of the work for you! You just prepare your items and bring them to the store. We do all of the advertising and staff the event. At the end of the sale you simply pick up your check, detailed inventory report and neatly-sorted items. Plus, you will make lots more money than you would at a garage sale or consignment store.

Why do you emphasize EXCELLENT QUALITY so much?

No one wants to sort through, much less BUY, low quality items for their children. It is a time waster for everyone to put worn, stained, out-of-date items on a rack. That's why we insist on accepting only high quality items. This becomes a little subjective as each person has their own idea of high quality. We want to encourage consignors to only bring their name brand, excellent condition clothes. It makes the events more profitable and successful for everyone.

What kind of control does a consignor have over their items?

Several things: 1. Selecting the price of each item. 2. Deciding which items you want to sell for half-price on the final sale days. 3. Tracking the sale of each item on this website. 4. Knowing the items not sold are available for pickup if not donated or reimbursed if lost.