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Here are some guidelines to help as you prepare your items for the sale. Click here to see what is acceptable and not acceptable for the sale.

Items Accepted for Fall/Winter Events (read further below for merchandising information):

ACCEPTABLE ITEMS - ACCEPTABLE ITEMS - At our Fall & Winter EVENT we will receive Fall & Winter clothing (Children's, Junior, and Maternity).
- Short Sleeved Shirts & Long sleeved shirts (save summer themed items, tank tops & sundresses for our spring event)
- Shorts, Jeans, pants & capris
- Dresses
- Light Weight Jackets, coats & heavy jackets
- Dress-Up
- Halloween Costumes
- Holiday outfits
- Shoes & boots (save flip flops & sandals for our spring event)
*Tip for Clothing - Moms love scoring an outfit, so bundle items together for a higher paycheck!

Non-Clothing Items - *THESE ARE THE BIGGEST $$ Makers*
- Dance & Sports Gear
- Toys (indoor & outdoor - must have all parts & batteries)
- DVD's & Books
- Pack & Plays
- Cribs (manufactured before June 2010)
- Car Seats (all sizes) - must not be older than 5 years & never been in an accident
- High Chairs
- Strollers
- Exersaucers
- All baby equipment & gear
- Furniture

Items NOT Accepted for Fall/Winter Events:

-Spring/Summer clothing - tank tops, swim wear, flip flops, swim gear, ect. -Cribs manufactured before 2010 -Bedding Sets (washable LIKE NEW blankets, quilts, and breathable bumpers are okay) -Pump tubing/bottes with nipples (remove these if selling a pump or bottles -VHS Tapes -Toys, Games, Puzzles with missing or broken pieces -Car Seats older than 5 years (check date on bottom) -Clothing & Shoes that have odor, stains, are overly worn/washed, or missing buttons or have broken zippers -stuffed animals of any kind including Build-A-Bear (battery operated infant stuffed toys are okay) -underwear/bras/training pants -crib mattresses


The better they look, the better they sell! Please take time to prepare your clothes as necessary. Please check for stains, broken zippers, torn hemlines, etc. Overly worn or wrinkled clothes will not sell. Make them appear as you would like to see them in a store. Use only PLASTIC hangers! Ask stores if they will give you some or purchase 10/$1 at Target, Walmart, etc

Blankets/Quilts/Slings/Grocery Cart Covers/Swaddlers

Hang and pin all of these items on a plastic hanger so that shoppers can see them unless new in packages, you may leave them in the package. If they are small receiving blankets, group 2 or 3 together in a ziploc bag and seal with clear plastic tape. Safety pin tag to ziploc bag.

Loose Items

Bottles (no nipples), bibs, rattles, socks, bows, and other smaller items can be grouped together appropriately in ziploc bags. Seal with clear packing tape. Pin tag to ziploc bag. It also helps to write your consignor number and info on the ziploc with a Sharpie in case the tag comes off during the sale. Please no random bags of toys, they do not sell. Only themed bags such as: all Hot Wheels, all trains, all Barbie clothing, etc

Large Toys and Baby Equipment

Must be clean and in working order (batteries included.) Small parts must be bagged and attached to the main part very securely. If parts get separated it will not sell. Games should be taped closed. Puzzles, books, videos and small toys should be grouped accordingly and put in ziploc bags. Secure with clear packing tape and pin tag to the ziploc bag. It is also good to write your consignor number and info on the ziploc bag with a Sharpie in case the tag comes off. Wooden puzzles should be wrapped securely in clear Saran wrap to keep the pieces intact. TOYS NOT PACKAGED APPROPRIATELY WILL BE TURNED AWAY. Large Little Tikes Toys and Furniture are in high demand! When tagging large toys it is best to also attach a piece of masking tape to the toy with your consignor information. This will enable us to sell your toy even if the tag comes off! We sell 95% of toys and baby gear! Toy recall information- Due to the high number of toy recalls during the past year, we will be inspecting toys very carefully. We reserve the right to pull any toy that we think might have been recalled. To help us, please do not bring any toys that have been subject to a recall. You may check the following website for current toy recalls: Also for a helpful resource made available by the Consumer Product Safety Commission Click here.

Car Seats

Your car seat must have been manufactured within the past five years. It must not be subject to recall or have been in an accident. You may check the following website for current recalls: All seat covers and straps must be thoroughly cleaned. You will be asked to sign a car seat waiver stating your car seat has all the pieces and is in excellent condition and not more than five years old. Car seats will be closely inspected for safety reasons.


Please only bring your like-new shoes! 1) Put your consignor number and price on masking tape on the bottom of the shoes, this will help if they get separated. 2) Safety pin the price tag to a shoe lace or through the shoe eyelet. Put the shoes and price tag inside a ziploc bag. You may also use a zip tie or curling ribbon to attach boots and larger shoes that do not fit in a bag. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT SHOES WITH SCUFFED TOES, DIRTY OR DISCOLORED SOLES. Save these shoes for a garage sale.


Because of our high regard for the safety of children and in light of the recent ruling by the CPSC, Rhea Lana's Inc. will no longer be accepting ANY cribs manufactured before December 2010. Cribs manufactured between December 2010 and June 28, 2011, must have a certificate of compliance and not be recalled to be consigned with Rhea Lana's. Any crib manufactured after June 28, 2011, and has not been recalled, can be consigned as long as it meets Rhea Lana's quality standards. We will not accept crib mattresses.

Acceptable Items

We accept high quality, gently used, infant & children's clothing from nice play clothes up to brand name/boutique clothing, shoes, accessories, juniors clothing, toys, books/DVDs/games, furniture, maternity & nursing items, electronic gaming systems, educational items, and baby gear.

Unacceptable Items

We will not be accepting crib mattresses, bedding sets or pillows, stuffed animals (or pillow pets), underwear/bras/training pants, VHS tapes, bottles with nipples attached (please remove the nipples), pumps with tubing (remove tubing). Please make sure all items are odor-free. All hanging items must be hung on plastic hangars, wire hangars will be turned away. Batteries must be included in toys/baby gear.

If you have any questions we’ll be happy to help! Contact April Cates at